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Work in Progress: Review of Multi-scale Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

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    Rebecca Garabed

    In April, 2018 the Mathematical Bioscience Institute held a workshop on Multiscale Dynamics of Infections where researchers working from the field to the bench to the whiteboard got together to discuss their findings and challenges in trying to relate information across scales to improve human and animal health.  The group came from different fields, worked on different diseases, and had different research goals.  We had some common challenges and some methods that could be shared to improve our work collectively.  Since that time, a subset of participants has been working to make sense of the diverse information and frustrations that were shared.  I will present our frameworks for organizing the field of multiscale dynamics of infectious diseases as well as some themes we have derived from the meeting.  I am soliciting ideas to improve the framework before submission for publication.

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