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Strength of Evidence* for Clinical Trials and Biomarkers** in Tailored Therapeutics***

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    Stephen Ruberg

    This talk will cover the convergence of two high profile themes in the scientific/medical literature (and even the lay press): personalized medicine and lack of reproducibility of scientific results. There have been many high profile examples of scientific findings related to genetic (or more generally) biomarker predictors of disease or drug effect that have not been confirmed with subsequent experimentation or investigation. Some recent literature suggests that inappropriate use of statistical analysis or inadequate use of statistical design principles play a major role in false positive findings. This talk will address the use of Bayesian statistical principles for how to assess the strength of evidence for a finding and how that can be applied generally to clinical trials and laboratory research. 


    *        Likelihood of truth

    **      Any biological measurement to describe a patient

    ***    AKA personalized medicine, precision medicine, targeted medicine


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